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aCommunicate for the disabled

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TESTED BY MORE THAN 1000 PATIENTS WITH DISABILITIES AND CONSIDERED INDISPENSABLE aCommunicate is a communication programme with a voice synthesiser output. It is designed for people who have difficulty speaking and is ideal for people with: difficulties with verbal expression or total inability with language motor disabilities spastic tetraparesis epileptic seizures neurological pathologies patients with ALS genetic mutations aphasia vocal cord problems mutism dysnomia Parkinson's disease epilepsy anxietyYou can create phrases and personal tables for communication, which can also be composed by the speech therapist, which means you will be able to go beyond the pre-loaded phrases to make use of your own personal phrases. Transform your tablet or smartphone into a communication aid, assisting and encouraging the patient in communication, enhancing cognitive processes and symbol recognition. Also, it is often useful when a surgical operation creates a temporary loss of verbal linguistic ability. It is also an excellent aid when it is necessary to repeat yourself and communicate to children
It could be prescribable by the health service as communication software, given that it is probably covered by ISO as a symbolic communicator with 100 boxes (ask the prescribing doctor, or the ASL prosthesis office of your own region). You will need an invalidity certificate with a statement of the pathology involved. The application uses the voice that is installed in the device. For example the voices from Google Voice Synthesis. It is possible to change the voice in the settings of your device.
The app has been translated into various languages, including: English French Russian German